All the kids say…

So, in honor of the absolutely ridiculous viral videos circulating that feature “singing” goats, I want to discuss some other bleaters that I think deserve a bigger cut of the action.  If you’ve just watched the video, I’ll wait for you to finish laughing before I continue… All set?  Ok, great.  The goats to whom […]

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Experiment: Caprese Two Ways

A wise chef once shared with me this mind-blowing bit of insider culinary information: tomatoes and strawberries are relatively interchangeable. What??? How can that be?! One is primarily used in savory dishes, and the other sweet. This changes everything. What about the space-time continuum!?!? Marty, don’t do it! It seemed just plain dangerous to mess […]

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The Handful

I had a little fun with a slightly modified version of The Mouthful; in a smaller, more compact cake for those of you who need your munchies on the move.  I proudly present, The Handful. A whole palm-full of chocolate peanut buttery goodness, now in a convenient snack cake size!!

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